Aviation Merit Badge Clinic


Available Dates:
January 18th, 2020 – Registration opens December 18th, 2019
April 18th, 2020 – Registration opens March 18th, 2020
August 15th, 2020 – Registration opens July 15th, 2020
November 14th, 2020 – Registration opens October 14th, 2020

9:00AM – 1:30PM
Cost – $30
Limited space available. Register early.

The Frontiers of Flight Museum offers the unique opportunity to learn from
FAA-certified pilots and aviation experts as part of our BSA Aviation Merit Badge clinics!

Complete the Aviation Merit Badge requirements in our one day clinics! You will:

  • Fly a flight simulator following a route you plot yourself on an aeronautical chart
  • Experiment with the four forces of flight
  • Learn how an airfoil generates lift
  • Learn how an airplane’s control surfaces govern pitch, roll, and yaw
  • Build a foam plate glider
  • Learn about exciting careers in aviation
  • Learn about airport facilities and their use

What you’ll need to bring on the first day:

  • Aviation Merit Badge book
  • Homework that will be sent to you for completion a week prior to clinic
  • Merit Badge blue card
  • Wear your BSA uniform
  • Sack lunch with beverage

E-mail: Education@flightmuseum.com


All sales are final. Goods purchased on the Site are non-refundable and non-transferable. Notwithstanding the above, the Museum will make every effort, but no guarantee, to accommodate Client requested program rescheduling at no penalty to the Client.


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