From its earliest days the Frontiers of Flight Museum has maintained a library of aviation literature.  Today the Research Library contains thousands of books representing a comprehensive survey of non-fiction aviation and space literature.  Formed initially with books received from the University of Texas’ History of Aviation collection, it continues to grow even today with books donated by Museum members and volunteers, Museum donors, and authors.  Many of the books are rare and hard to find, and others are valuable because they have been signed or inscribed by their author.

Books in the Research Library are arranged by subject.  There are sections of general references, biographies, aircraft manuals, and books about individual aircraft, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, the U.S. military services, foreign air forces, flight instruction, and other aviation museum collections.  In addition, one will find sections pertaining to the historic eras of flight including lighter-than-air flight, heavier-than-air pioneering flight, WWI, The Golden Age of Flight, air racing, WWII, commercial and civil aviation, and space exploration.

To find information about a specific subject, then, it is important to know how to maximize the opportunity to find that information in the Research Library given the Library’s large size.  For example, to find information about the P-51 Mustang, information about the airplane itself will typically be found in the general research (Combat Aircraft of WWII,) reference (United States Military Aircraft Since 1909,) aircraft (The P-51 Mustang,) and aircraft manufacturers (North American Aviation) sections.  Additional information about the Mustang’s role will be found in the WWII and air racing sections.  It is important to know specifically what you want to know about the airplane to expedite your search.

In addition to books, the Research Library maintains the Museum’s collection of recordings – sound recordings, films, videotapes and dvd’s.

Documents and images (photographs) pertaining to the Frontiers of Flight Museum and its history are also housed in the Research Library.

Because they are generally available through other sources, periodicals (magazines) are not housed in the Research Library due to space constraints although limited issues of some older and harder-to-find periodicals are stored with the other Museum archives and artifacts.

Frequent inquiries are received in the Research Library from individuals seeking information about a wide range of topics.  Hence, the Research Library is recognized as a major repository for researchers as well as an important part of the Museum’s overall significance to the groups and communities it serves.

Access to the library is by appointment only. Please contact Randy Hinshaw, Registrar    (214) 699-4626

Donating your artifacts

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