The George E. Haddaway Award

The George E. Haddaway Award is presented by the Frontiers of Flight Museum each year to those who have distinguished themselves by their accomplishments in the realm of flight as pilots, aircrew members, corporate or political leadership, engineering, education, or literature.

George E. Haddaway was a prominent fixture in the north Texas aviation scene for decades as a pilot and aviation journalist.

For forty years, beginning in 1934, he was publisher of the area’s most successful aviation magazine, Southwest Aviation, which underwent several name changes to reflect his observations as the area’s aviation industry matured. His years of publishing brought Mr. Haddaway into contact with aeronautical legends such as “Jimmy” Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh and Wiley Post, among others, and Haddaway accumulated a wealth of aviation-related memorabilia and archives.

With this vast treasure trove of books, photographs, and papers, he was the driving force behind the formation of the History of Aviation Collection. The collection is now housed at the McDermott Library of the University of Texas at Dallas.

The many significant three-dimensional artifacts he acquired formed the basis for the founding of the Frontiers of Flight Museum to house and display these priceless aeronautical heirlooms.

Recipients of the Haddaway Award since 2015:

Sean Donohue
Admiral Patrick Walsh and Roger Staubach
Congressman Ralph Hall
Gary Kelly
Dr. Kenneth Cooper
Mary Anne & Richard “Dick” Cree
John Ratzenberger
General T. Michael Moseley
The Honorable John Glenn
Colleen Barrett
J. Jan Collmer
Civil Air Patrol
The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison
Frederick W. Smith
Dain M. Hancock
Brian Jones
Dr. Bertrand Piccard
Jay Miller
Col. Walter Cunningham
John Konrad
Dr. Hans Mark
Tom Landry
Bartram Kelley
James Henry Stuart
H. Ross Perot, Jr.
General Ronald R. Fogleman
Charlie Hillard (posthumously)
The Honorable Sam Johnson
Brigadier General Chuck Yeagar
Robert L. Crandall
The Honorable Barry Goldwater
Herb Kelleher
Lt. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.
Louise Timken
William E. Cooper
General James H. Doolittle
George E. Haddaway

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